Omics Cloud

$ 2,200.00

Are you looking for a storage solution for your sensitive data, but don't have the resources for a dedicated server rack? Then the Omics Cloud may be the solution for you.  

The Omics Cloud is a small factor MicroATX case  that can easily fit out of the way in your lab. It measures only 34cm X 31cm X 39cm (13 x 12 x 15 inches) but contains vertical racks capable of carrying a total of 10 full size drives. We can equip the OmicsCloud to store and transfer up to 40 terabytes of your precious data on high quality Western Digital Red NAS drives designed specifically to keep data secure and accessible.


A high speed dual core processor and 8GB of DDR3 RAM puts this storage device leagues ahead of pre-made NAS systems. Data manipulation is possible directly on the system and may be critical for the largest data files such as deep next-gen sequencing files. The system is user-expandable as well.  If you purchase the base Omics Cloud with 20TB of storage, you can add more drives yourself when you need more space. 

A simple and handy web interface helps allows you to transfer data to the Omics Cloud from PC, Linux, or Mac systems. Variable permissions for different users are easy to set and maintain.


The base Omics Cloud contains 12TB of storage space and can be upgraded to 24TB.  The OmicsCloud starts at $2,200

The OmicsCloud plus contains 20 TB of storage that can be upgraded to 40TB.  The OmicsCloudPlus starts at $2,750

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For more secure storage including drive mirroring and multiple levels of backup, stay tuned for our upcoming product, the Omics Guardian