Omics Workstation (8 threads)

$ 1,800.00

The Omics workstation is for labs that are processing a few to a few dozen samples per day.

The Omics workstation is an 8 core processing instrument optimized for processing speed.  The processor is a water cooled 4.0Ghz base speed across 8 processors with 16GB of quad-threaded memory.  What does this mean?  Simply, it is faster at what you are going to use it for than anything you'll buy off the shelf anywhere.

The Omics workstation comes with 2 hard drives,

A 250 GB high speed solid state drive for the fastest possible data processing.

A 1 terabyte drive is included for storing processed data. The storage drive is "hot swappable" meaning that you can pop in a new storage drive without tools and by simply removing and dropping a new one in.

Since these are all high quality components we throw in a 3 year warranty on the whole box.

$1800 for the base PC

$1950 will get the PC plus Windows operating system of your choice (we recommend Windows 7 Professional)


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