Omics Workstation Intel (8 threads)

$ 2,499.00

The Omics workstation is for labs that are processing a few to a few dozen samples per day.

Our Omics Station Intel is a 4 physical core processor that can hyperthread up to 8 logical cores.  For single threaded application this setup boasts the highest speed per core of any computer on the market. This system is great for a few samples or for high resolution MS/MS data processing on instruments such as the popular Q Exactive from Thermo Fisher.

The Omics Workstation Intel is no slouch.  It comes with 16GB of dual channel DDR4 RAM as well as a high speed 500GB solid state hard drive for rapid data processing.

A 2 terabyte high speed hard is included that can be used to back up stored files

Since these are all high quality components we throw in a 3 year warranty on the whole box.

$2,499 will get the PC plus Windows operating system of your choice (we recommend Windows 7 Professional)

For further information on this build and how we this is optimized for your specific application, contact us at: