Proteome Destroyer

$ 4,999.00

Do you need to tear through some genomics or destroy a complex proteomics data file? Then you need the Proteome Destroyer. 

The Proteome Destroyer Intel features the new AMD Ryzen 7950x 16 core (32 logical core) processor.  For software that can multi-thread single processors, this translates to 32 threads of computational power tearing through your data.

The high-end NVMe M.2 2TB solid state processing drive allows the comparison of your raw data to your database at lightning fast speed and prevents bottlenecks at the I/O processing stages. A 6 TB high speed drive can be used to back up and store your files.

Build details:

AMD Ryzen 7950x 16 core (32 logical core) processor

Closed loop water cooling

64 GB high speed low latency DDR5 RAM

2TB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe m.2 SSD for data processing

6 TB hard drive for data backup

Windows 10 professional

3 Years full warranty on parts and labor


Want a bit more of everything?  We can upgrade the RAM, Primary SSD, and backup/storage devices.

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16 core (32 logical core) processor

4TB M.2 solid state hard drive for high speed processing

Two 16TB NAS hard drives specifically designed for high speed data backup

128 GB High performance, low latency DDR5 ram

Windows 10 Professional 64-bit

3 Years full warranty on parts and labor



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