Proteome Destroyer 2020

$ 4,999.00

Do you need to tear through some genomics or destroy a complex proteomics data file? Then you need the Proteome Destroyer. 

The Proteome Destroyer Intel features the new Intel® Core™ I7 9800X with 8 solid processing cores. For software that can multi-thread single processors, this translates to 16 threads of computational power tearing through your data.

The high-end NVMe M.2 1 TB solid state processing drive allows the comparison of your raw data to your database at lightning fast speed and prevents bottlenecks at the I/O processing stages. A 4 TB high speed drive can be used to back up and store your files.

Build details:

Intel® Core™ I7 9800X 8 core processor

Closed loop water cooling

32 GB quad channel high speed low latencey DDR4 RAM

1 TB Samsung 970 Pro NVMe m.2 SSD for data processing

6 TB hard drive for data backup

Windows 10 professional

All our products come with a 3 year warranty that covers the entire PC




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