About OmicsPCs, LLC

I have been building PCs for myself and friends for fun since the late 90s. Five years ago a colleague approached me regarding poor performance of the expensive PC he purchased for processing his proteomics data and microarray files. After seeing the performance of my personal PC on these same files and programs, he asked me to build him a PC specifically optimized for these types of experiments. While I was completing my Master's degree at Johns Hopkins word of mouth began to spread and I was asked to build a few more PCs each year. In 2012 I began planning to bring optimized personal computers to more people in my field. In June of 2014 I rented a small office space and Omics Computing, LLC became a reality.

The response from field has been overwhelming and humbling. In 2015 we will be expanding into a larger space and bringing on more staff to help with the demand for our Destroyer line.    

 In August I set aside a Proteome Destroyer base system for customer demonstrations. Nearly every person who has remotely logged onto the Proteome Destroyer and processed data has eventually purchased a system of their own. If it is taking you hours or days to get results from your data email me at: support@omicspcs.com and let me change the way you think about data processing.