Would you like to process a proteomics whole cell digest in one minute? Email us at Support@OmicsPCs.com to set up a demo on one of our computers!

Welcome to Omics Computing and to the age of Big Data. Genomics and Proteomics are booming fields. As professionals in these fields we have found that there aren't many options for easily obtaining computers that are optimized for these experiments. We have frequently found we have three options and none of them have been ideal:

Virtual threaded business computers such as multi-CPU Xeon computers are designed for rugged business usage. While they are ideal for running multiple office applications at once, such as email, spreadsheets and word processors, they are not ideal for rapidly processing -omics datasets. Just try one and let us know how it goes.

Gaming computers are the opposite. These computers can be optimized to rapidly tear through large datasets, but this is not what they are designed for. They are designed for graphics presentation and often contain large and expensive graphic processing units (GPUs) that will often do nothing but take up space and energy in your computer. Stability can often be a concern with these PCs. The designers know that if the hard drive glitches the player can easily restart from the last save point in the game.  

The third option is cluster computing. For many labs, this is the best option. A dedicated IT department or team or even talented bioinformaticians can maintain your cluster and process data better than anyone can. Good Linux clusters often begin in price around $15k and can go up exponentially from there. Even with good teams, these often take weeks or months to configure. Not to mention, not everyone can afford a team of bioinformaticians to keep things going.

Omics Computing fills the gap between slow, inefficient PCs and expensive clusters. We are taking the best technology from the gaming PC market and the business sector to build processing PCs that are fast, stable and accessible to the average scientist and technician. The products presented here are the result of 2 years of experimental testing with the most common Proteomics and Genomics software packages in use in labs around the world. We know we have the best products available for this market, because we've tried everything else.

By specifically optimizing these PCs for YOUR experiment, we can cut out the waste?  Want proof?  Send us a data file.  Our mid-level system the Proteome Destroyer is capable of reproducibly processing a whole cell digest proteomics file in under 1 minute.

Mascot:  42 seconds

Morpheus: 79 seconds.  This search can be completed in 64 seconds on the Maximum Destroyer

Proteome Discoverer: 139 seconds


If it is taking you hours or days to process your data, you need to talk to us.