Proteome Destroyer Intel (NEW VERSION)

$ 3,499.00

Do you need to tear through some genomics or destroy a complex proteomics data file? Then you need the Proteome Destroyer. If your IT policy requires that you purchase high efficiency Intel chips, then the Proteome Destroyer Intel is for you. 

The Proteome Destroyer Intel features the new Broadwell E chipset (RELEASED Q3 2016) with 6 solid processing cores. For software that can multi-thread single processors, this translates to 12 threads of computational power tearing through your data.

The 1 TB solid state processing drive allows the comparison of your raw data to your database at 6 gigabytes/seconds thanks to our proprietary caching and transfer mechanisms. A backup 4 TB high speed drive can be used to back up your files.

Build details

Intel Broadwell E 6 core processor

32 GB quad channel high speed low latencey DDR4 RAM

1 TB samsung evo SSD for data processing

4 TB hard drive for data backup

All our products come with a 3 year warranty that covers the entire PC


The Proteome Destroyer with operating system of your choice (we recommend Windows 7 Professional): $3,499



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