New Intel Chips September 21 2014

We are trying to keep up with new technology.

This month, Intel released new processing chips that have shook the entire computing world and has caused us to begin reworking our entire lineup. The new Haswell chips feature Intel's first ever 8 physical core, 16 logical core processor. To combat this new lineup AMD has reduced the prices of nearly all of their chips. 

All of this is good for our customers. We will be leaving the Proteome Destroyer virtually the same but with reduced chip prices we can offer double the RAM over the original build.

The Maximum Destroyer will reboot as a completely new product with the newest Intel Haswell chip. The new motherboards for supporting Haswell are capable of taking an astounding 128GB of RAM. We plan to release the base Maximum Destroyer with 32GB of RAM with optional upgrades for those of you needing incredible amounts of power.